Made in Scotland - Advertise your Scottish Business

Advertise your business with us

Scotland Inspires offers a cost effective way to advertise your business. You must be a Scottish business. However, this can be any Scottish business from a holiday cottage in Wester Ross, to making tweed garments in Harris. Running private tours in the Scottish Borders or offering boat trips in Orkney. Furthermore, as long as you are a Scottish business, selling Scottish products and services, you can advertise with us and we would like to hear from you.

What we do no accept: (this is a guide but not limited to)

  • Directories & listings websites
  • General Shops
  • Products manufactured outside Scotland
  • Tours and/or services that originate from outside Scotland
  • Global Brands that sell in Scotland

How does it work

It could not be simpler. Therefore, if you meet the required criteria, there is simply a one-off membership fee which gives you a feature page. The page will include a description, images and all your contact details. You are now classified as a “Member”.

Now you are a member, you can now advertise or submit interesting stories around your product/service to promote your business as many or as little as you like. Prices for these start at £20.00 per promotion. We will additionally make updates to your main feature page on request at any time from around £10.00 upwards (depending on requirements and subject to approval). This means you are always promoting the latest news and information about your business. All prices are subject to VAT.

We will additionally be constantly promoting all members via social media and email marketing.