Tuesday, January 28, 2020


A cruise in Scotland with one of our partners is an amazing experience. Scotland is without a doubt very scenic and very beautiful. Scottish sailing holidays are exciting for all the family. Additionally, to see this stunning landscape from the sea brings in a new dimension.

Scottish sailing holidays

A cruise in Scotland allows you to see everything with a completely different view and see things you would not see from land. Unless you prefer to take a wild hike off the beaten track. You will also get up close and personal with the friendly wildlife and sealife.

There are no large ships within our Scottish sailing holidays. They are all small vessels allowing you to visit bays, coves and channels that larger cruise liners simply can’t go. So come on board and join us for an amazing luxury cruise around the west coast and Scottish islands.

Private Charter Cruises

With our partners some offer private charter cruises at certain times of year. These are fantastic when you have a group as you, with the captain, can design your itinerary and if it is a special occasion, they will be more than happy to add in a few surprises. Private Charter Cruises around the Scottish Islands are magical. When on Scottish sailing holidays or on a private charter, there is one thing that is compulsory … your camera!!

St Hilda Sea Adventures
St Hilda Sea Adventures If you are looking for an unusual sailing holiday, St Hilda Sea Adventures are just for you. Relaxing Scottish sailing holidays for families or small groups. People of all ages can learn about the sea but also find out about nature and explore the local marine environment. It is truly a unique experience while enjoying the...
Argyll Cruising Scotland
Luxury cruises around the coastline of Argyll and the West Coast of Scotland by Argyll Cruising – Experience cruise the west coast and islands which includes The Hebrides. With beautiful traditional lines, our vessel 'Splendour' lives up to her name, both outside and in. Fully refurbished, boasting double or twin private en-suite cabins, more than suitable for the modern...

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