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Centrally located, Stirlingshire is the gateway to highlands. It borders with West Lothian, Loch Lomond, Perthshire, Dunbartonshire, and few other regions. The skyline of the city of Stirling is recognised around the world. Usually first on the visit list is Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument. They are especially prominent features. Stirling Bridge and the famous battlefield at Bannockburn (1314) are also part of the famous story from this area.

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A visit to Stirlingshire by hillwakers can venture up the Campsie Fells. On a good day, the view can be amazing. Wildlife fans can visit Blairdrummond Safari Park or even visit Doune Castle. Famously used in the Outlander TV series. In addition, Dunblane Cathedral is also a historic landmark worth a visit. Established by Saint Blane around the year 600. Simply a medieval masterpiece. Furthermore, and a short drive from Stirling is the Falkirk Wheel and Kelpies. An engineering wonder for our Scottish Canals and a favourite visitor attraction. Stirlingshire is very pretty. Finally, there are lots to do and see in Stirling. A wander around the cobbled streets will impress. We therefore highly recommend this region to be on your to visit list.

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