Castle Tioram

Visit Castle Tioram, Loch Moidart, Ardnamurchan one of the prettiest location for a historic castle in Scotland. Sitting on its own small rock island, Castle Tioram has a very good strategic position monitoring routes between Loch Sheil and Loch Sunart. The castle dates back to around the 13th Century. This is a castle that is a fantastic place to visit as it sits on its own tidal island which means you have a nice walk on the beach to get to it.

Clan MacDonald of Clan Ranald

Castle Tioram is the traditional seat of Clan MacDonald of Clan Ranald. The castle is in bad state of repair and access is denied due to safety reasons. However, when you get up close, it is a brute of a fort, as can be seen by the very thick walls. Rather like Mingarry Castle, further round the Ardnamurchan peninsula. Furthermore, walking around the castle walls gives you some delightful views. If the mood takes you, pick your spot and enjoy the tranquility. Surprisingly, French supplied artillery was hidden in the ruins for the purpose of supporting the campaigns of Prince Charles Stuart.

Visit Castle Tioram

When you visit Castle Tioram, as you head over the sandbank, rather than turning right to make your way back to the car park, turn left and head down the “Silver Walk“. Now you may not want to walk the full 4 miles however, it is a wonderful walk if you can. However, as you start off, looking back gives a slightly different view of the castle. This walk is recognised as one of the best in the highlands with spectacular scenery. Additionally there are many fine walks in Ardnamurchan. However, this one is very tranquil and pretty. Coupled with a picnic on the beach with the castle in the background, you can have a rather pleasant day.

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