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The Forth Bridges

Forth Bridges Collection are three iconic bridges, The Forth Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and new Queensferry Crossing spanning the Firth of Forth


Forth Bridges Collection

Welcome to the Forth Bridges Collection. All three of these famous bridges make the Edinburgh to Fife crossing over the Firth of Forth possible for daily commuters. The Forth Bridges Collection are three iconic bridges, each with a very different story. Collectively, the three bridges span three centuries. View the #ForthBridgesCollection on Twitter.

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The Forth Bridge is the rail link between Edinburgh & Fife. This was the first cantilever bridge, pioneering engineering that was never tried before. Now Scotland’s sixth UNESCO World Heritage site.

Opened in 1890, the Forth Bridge is recognised the world over. It is believed the original ferry crossing started as far back as the 12th century. As time passed, the route between South & North Queensferry was becoming one of the busiest in the country. For many years after the Forth Bridge opened, the ferries continued to operate. The rail network now has over 200 trains using the Forth Bridge every day, carrying around 3 million passengers each year.

Thankfully it survived planned bombing raids during WWII. This was due to barrage balloons, two spitfire squadrons based nearby and strategic gun placements. Their main target was ships in the estuary and nearby Rosyth Naval Base.

Keeping this amazing structure pristine was a major job. So much so, there was even a famous saying linked to it for never ending tasks … “Like painting the Forth Bridge”. Why? Because it used to be a case of “by the time they got to the other side, it was time to start all over again”. Now with new type of paint, it only requires painting every 20 years. In July 2015, UNESCO inscribed the Forth Bridge as the sixth World Heritage site in Scotland.


Forth Bridges Collection – 3 Bridges – 3 Centuries – 1 Crossing.
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